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First Ride With Some of the Team

Even though only a few of us went out for an easy Monday ride, I was pretty excited to get out and start learning some of the routes around school. This area definitely has a lot more climbing than the area back around Pfeiffer. Admittedly, it was kind of hard to have a recovery/easy ride with all of the climbing we had to do. Even worse, the person leading us on the route told us this was an easy route with “no hard climbs!” I know I’ll get used to the terrain, but coming from the flatlands of Naples, FL its the complete opposite.

At one point we found ourselves heading down an road with a number of cattle fields lining it. One thing I noticed was that one of the fields had no fences blocking the cattle from going onto and crossing the road. As I noticed this, we all saw what we thought was one of the cows standing in the middle of the road. Getting closer to it, all of us realized it wasn’t just a cow, but a bull that was pretty big! We came to a stop, unsure of what it might do, but the moment it turned in our direction and came towards us we all clipped back in and bolted away. In our getaway we were now being chased by three German Shepards which by the look of them, really hate cyclists. After one minor wreck amid all the chaos, we got away, but I definitely won’t be going back down that road anytime soon!

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One Response

  1. Sweetie – poor thing trying its best to survive the wild life of NC…. Wishing you happiness always! Ride like the wind darling. We are so proud and happy for you. x x x

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