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A Look Back and the Start of a New Season

Though it may just seem like another usual day of training, today is actually the one month mark before the first collegiate road racing weekend! In the past few months I’ve seen a lot of cold weather, some snow, and have unfortunately been sick on and off. Despite everything I’ve been able to get some great training in and cannot wait for the first race! I’ve had a lot of fun while up at Mars Hill College this past fall semester and am ready not only to get back up to training in the mountains, but actually to get going with my classes as well.

Coming from the Florida flatlands, its been a mission to get used to training in the mountains, but the process has been a blast. Compared to this time last year, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my fitness level for the time of the year. My favorite rides have been those that head up the Blue Ridge Parkway (about 20mi from school), not only for the hours worth of pure climbing, but also the descent back down.  Overall, I’m in love with everything about riding up here, especially the terrain. The weather has taken some getting used to, but as long as there’s no snow on the roads I’m alway up for a ride.

I even had the chance to give cyclocross racing a shot one weekend when one of my teammates had a wreck the day before, offering to let me use his bike for the race the next day. I’ll let you know, that before this race I had never been on a cyclocross bike, let alone be in a cyclocross race! I thoroughly enjoyed it though and could only laugh every time I would attempt to dismount, hop over the barriers, and remount back onto the bike. Though I was only able to do this one race, I’m hoping to be able to get a cyclocross bike built up for myself for next season. If you haven’t ever raced cross’, it’s a lot of fun, but its 100% go the entire time, and requires your total focus. So yes, it was quite painful!
Speaking of cyclocross, the team as a whole as well as the individual members had a fantastic season, finishing second at nationals for Div. II! The mountain bike season was also a success with Mars Hill finishing 11th at nationals with only a 2-person team! All of this has worked to push the team into the Div. II #1 spot nationally heading into the 2011 spring road racing season! The good news for Mars Hill Cycling doesn’t end here though, as the team was also named the 2010 Collegiate Club of the Year by USA Cycling!
As things are looking right now, Mars Hill Cycling will without question be a force to be reckoned with and the men’s “A” team is looking super solid along with the addition of two new riders this upcoming spring semester.
More racing updates to follow as the team heads into the collegiate road season!

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