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Race Tactics and Threshold Tests…

The past few weeks leading up to the first race of the season have continued to be grueling, but have nonetheless been great. I am happy to say that I’ll be enjoying somewhat of a recovery week as of yesterday, with today being a glorious day off the the bike! Thankfully, the weather has actually been cooperating with the training lately, and I’ve been able to go on some nice group and team rides. With workouts ranging from steady tempo intervals, to high-cadence intervals, and plenty of hard efforts, I’m feeling very ready for the first race. Though its only just over a week away now, it doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough! As I’ve previously mentioned and am happy to say again, the team as a whole is looking fit and ready to take on the collegiate competition. Every meal in the cafeteria usually has some kind of race-related conversation as everyone on the team is getting their nerves worked up!

Recently, the team was lucky enough to have a presentation done on race tactics and general “rules of thumb” from Andy Applegate of Carmichael Training Systems here in Asheville. With levels ranging from a Cat. 1 to Cat. 5 in the room, everyone was able to benefit from the advice that Andy gave. Personally, I was particularly interested in what he had to say about the importance of the nutritional aspect of racing. One thing I’m glad that he had to say that some tend to lose sight of though is to “have FUN!”

Another event that the team was lucky enough to be able to have done was threshold tests at Spin-Tech Training nearby in Weaverville, NC. Everyone was made to perform a “blind” 20-minute threshold test. Basically we were unable to see any of our data (power, heart rate, cadence, etc.), which put everyone on a level playing field. I’m happy to say that the entire team did great and even though there was obviously some inter-team competition, we all supported one another! I felt happy with my early season fitness, and am looking forward to the next time we test. With this being the first thing closest to a “race” in the new year, I was super jittery while getting ready to jump on the trainer. All that was going through my mind was lining up on the line of the first real race!

Keep an eye out for the next post on a ride from this past weekend!

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