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About Me

In case you don’t already know me, my name is Michael Robinson. I’m 20 years old and currently living in Naples, Fl which has been great for cycling so far and has a ton of pretty amazing people to ride with. I started seriously riding when I was about 14 and haven’t looked back since. In the 5 to 6 years that I’ve been riding competitively, I’ve loved every second of it and am always striving to improve.

As of right now I’m classified as a USAC Road Category 2 rider. In case you aren’t familiar with how the USA Cycling (USAC) system works, when a person begins racing they begin as a Cat. 5 and progress (5,4,3,2,1) until they have reached the Cat. 1 level. During the collegiate season I’m classified as a Collegiate Road Category A rider. The collegiate system is almost identical to the USAC system, with the exception that the categories begin with “D” and progress to the highest level, “A”. This upcoming year, I will be racing with the Mars Hill College varsity cycling program, which is located near Asheville, NC.

In the time I’ve been racing over the past several years, the only thing that I was really working towards was moving up to the next category. Now that I’ve begun to realize that it actually is possible to “be something” in the sport of cycling, I’m working towards something much greater. With the help and guidance of Michael Cooper, an expert in helping student-athletes reach their full potential, I’m creating goals for myself that I never though were possible before.

By the time I graduate college in roughly 2 years time, I plan to have already put myself on course to being recognized by professional level cycling teams. Though I will be doing as many USAC races as possible during my time in college, my focus is on the collegiate season. In December of 2009 I was lucky enough to have several one-on-one rides and conversations with Garmin-Cervelo rider Tom Danielson. Of the vast amount of knowledge he had to share and advice to give, one of the things that he focused on was the importance of being apart of and having success in a collegiate program. One of the things Tom stated was that without his collegiate cycling experience, he may not be where he is today, this is a quote that I definitely took to heart. Overall, my goals while attending college is to perform to the best of my abilities to put help put the team and myself on top. Each year not only will I strive to be towards the top of the SECCC Conference, but also to place well at the Collegiate Nationals race and eventually win it by my Junior or Senior year. By doing these things it will undoubtedly help me to gain the recognition that I need to make it to the next level in the sport.

One thing that I will always stay true to myself about is to graduate college before I pursue a career in professional cycling. Although to many it may seem like the best thing to do would be to join a team the second you get noticed and drop out of college, I have set my own priorities and will follow them strictly.

Overall, and if you haven’t already noticed, my life completely revolves around my cycling. It’s something that I love and that I know I can do all my life. I know that if I put my mind and body towards achieving the goals I have set for myself, anything is possible!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the comments guys, I’m really excited to have started this site and can’t wait to see what happens as it develops!

    Michael R

  2. Michael,
    Setting goals like these shows your incredible character and your love for life. By doing this, not only are you displaying great fortitude but without any more effort you are setting a great example for kids your age and younger.
    You are a great role model!
    Thank you,

  3. Nice blog, Michael! Goals such as yours drive us forward. Good luck and keep us informed of your exciting adventures on and off the road.

  4. Michael. I am so proud of you and know that because you believe you will achieve. Ride like the champion you are this weekend. Go Mikey Go!

  5. You’re off to a great start both as a cyclist and an author! I enjoyed learning more about you and your goals. I’m sure that you’ll find a lot of support out there and many people eager to help you achieve your goals in whatever way they can. Go for it!

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